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The major new tax laws impact everyone. Some people will be receiving a nice tax refund, while others will be surprised with an unexpected tax bill to pay in.

The Most Important Changes Are:

As an employee of a company, you are no longer able to deduct any Business Expenses such as:

  • • Home Office
  • • Internet
  • • Cell Phone
  • • Meals & Entertainment
  • • Mileage
  • • Office Supplies


Other Items Not Deductible Are:
  • • Moving Expenses
  • • Investment Fees
  • • Tax Preparation Fees
  • • Personal Exemptions


Now, there is a larger Standard Deduction Amount available:


You may still be able to itemize your deductions if you exceed the above amounts.

Property tax, DMV fees, state income tax amount are now limited to $10,000 in total.

For more good tax info click below.

If you think that you can exceed the standard deduction above, please still bring all your important tax documents and deductions.

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One saving grace for you is the fact that the actual tax brackets and percentages are lower for you this year.

Check the 2018 Tax Brackets Here

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